11 Super Smart Gifts That Connect Your Home to the Internet of Things

Sure, we've been told that ubiquitous computing is just over the horizon for decades—at least since the days of The Jetsons. But over the past 12 months, the Internet of Things has come of age, from smart fire alarms to app-controlled door locks. If you're looking for a gift for the resident home automatist in your… » 12/10/13 12:32pm 12/10/13 12:32pm

Skloib's White Box Cube Is Secret Living-Room Transformer

This is what my future home will look like: clean, simple, white— like a doctor's office, you might think. But when I turn a nondescript "white box cube," all sorts of crap starts happening: what you thought was my painting is now my TV, a planter starts emitting colored mood-light, music spews from a mural on the… » 1/31/08 9:47am 1/31/08 9:47am