Psystar Update: Automatic Updates Activated Plus New Quieter Case

Psystar, the company that's shipping hacked versions of OS X Leopard in off-the-shelf hardware, has just updated their product to address some of the main complaints in their recent reviews. The biggest change is that they're rigging up a custom version of Automatic Update (the thing that didn't work at all in their… »5/13/08 5:00pm5/13/08 5:00pm


Microsoft Pulling Vista SP1 Off Automatic Software Update

Microsoft's not only delaying Windows XP SP3 temporarily, but they're also pulling off Windows Vista SP1—which has already been pushed out to automatic software update—because of potential incompatibilities. Most of us don't need to worry about it since this is just an issue with MS's SQL Servers that affect Microsoft… »5/01/08 4:47pm5/01/08 4:47pm