A Mechanical Doll That Will Crawl All the Way Into Your Nightmares

The next time your kid complains about not having the latest and greatest toys, just point to them towards this photo of what children in the late 1800s had to play with. On one hand they'll certainly start appreciating what they've got, but on the other they probably won't sleep for a week because this thing will… »3/14/14 2:40pm3/14/14 2:40pm


This Robot Is Probably Better at Art Than You

Robots: great for a lot of things, not so much for having autonomous feelings or thoughts, widely believed to be crucial for making art (an increasingly contested point). While we've seen plenty of toasters draw and sculpt based on human direction or input from a camera, BNJMN is one of the first to generate his own… »4/16/13 4:04pm4/16/13 4:04pm