Why Drone Engineering Sucks (And How It Gets Better)

Despite our international obsession with drones—both their awesome powers and terrifying repercussions—the truth is that they're an incredibly immature technology. And, like most immature technologies, that means they’re not quite all they’re cracked up to be. » 6/26/13 10:20am 6/26/13 10:20am

Department of Justice Launches HP-Autonomy Fraud Probe

HP has announced that the Department of Justice has opened a fraud investigation relating to Autonomy—the company that HP bought for $11 billion then ended up costing a further $9 billion. » 12/28/12 6:00am 12/28/12 6:00am

Autonomy Founder: HP's a Bunch of Lying Liars

The HP-Autonomy multi-billion dollar ticklefight has escalated quickly from buck-passing to finger-pointing; in an interview today with the Wall Street Journal, Autonomy founder Mike Lynch gently explains his considered viewpoint that HP can go shove it. » 11/20/12 2:43pm 11/20/12 2:43pm

Guy Responsible for HP's Humiliating $11 Billion Autonomy Purchase:…

The man who engineered HP's disastrous $11.1 billion purchase of Autonomy—a company whose accounting improprieties just cost the laptop behemoth a whopping $9 billion—is Léo Apotheker. So what does the man who let an acquisition of this size go through without proper due diligence think about the deal after today's… » 11/20/12 11:37am 11/20/12 11:37am

Company HP Bought For $11 Billion Just Cost HP $9 Billion

All is not well at Meg Whitman's HP, we learned during the company's fourth-quarter earnings call this morning. HP just recorded a $9 billion devaluation of its assets stemming from serious accounting tomfoolery at a company that HP bought for $11 billion last year. Ouch. » 11/20/12 9:34am 11/20/12 9:34am

Larry Ellison of Oracle Calls Autonomy CEO Lying Liar

Unless companies are suing each other over patents, you can expect a level of disconnected PR speak when companies talk on the record about each other. Unless you disrespect Oracle, then it's on. » 9/29/11 7:13pm 9/29/11 7:13pm

Really, HP? You're Going to Fire Your CEO Now?

Bloomberg reports that the HP board is going to meet soon to decide whether or not to fire CEO Léo Apotheker. And I don't see how that makes matters anything but worse. » 9/21/11 12:53pm 9/21/11 12:53pm

HP's Buying Giant Software Company Autonomy and Spinning Off Its PC…

Whoa: HP, the largest computer company in the world, is rumored to be buying Autonomy—an enterprise software company—for $10 billion, and spinning off its PC business as another company. We'll see what that means soon, probably. [Bloomberg] » 8/18/11 12:43pm 8/18/11 12:43pm