Pioneer Makes an Airplay-Friendly A/V Receiver You Can Actually Afford

Say hello to the Pioneer VSX-1021 A/V receiver. Like other A/V receivers, it too will take all your home theater devices and allow them to interact happily with one another. But unlike most other receivers, it also plays nice with Apple's AirPlay streaming standard, and it does so at a realistic price: $550. » 3/07/11 8:34pm 3/07/11 8:34pm

Onkyo's TX-SR608 Is The First THX-Certified 3D AV Receiver And Has Six…

The TX-SR608 receiver will be available in April for $599, just in time for pairing with a Panasonic or Samsung 3DTV, and with a whopping six HDMI inputs it's very well-specced for its price. » 3/09/10 6:03am 3/09/10 6:03am

Pioneer's VSX-1020-K Is Best $550 AV Receiver and Not Only Because You…

This week Pioneer introduced five new receivers, from $230 to $750. All have HDMI 1.4 switching for 3D, and all have Pro Logic IIz surround. But one model stands out, the $550 VSX-1020-K, a worthy successor to our Battlemodo champ. » 3/04/10 2:00am 3/04/10 2:00am

AV Receiver Battlemodo: $600 or Bust

You want a serious home theater. One that will rattle the windows, and ensure movie night is always at your house. But you don't want to spend more than $600 on the thing that ties it together. Cuz you're smart. » 2/26/10 12:40pm 2/26/10 12:40pm

Yamaha Rethinks the AV Receiver, Creates neoHD

Reading up on this totally fresh neoHD receiver tells me that Yamaha—unlike its competition—is trying hard to keep up with the rapidly changing home theater situation, particularly where HD video is concerned. » 6/29/09 5:20pm 6/29/09 5:20pm

Onkyo Brings Out a Pair of A/V Receivers for April

Onkyo is releasing a couple of A/V receivers next month. The 80-watt-per-channel TX-SR576 will cost $499 and the 75-watt-per-channel TX-SR506 (above) $379, and both include a Dynamic EQ loudness correction technology from Audyssey. Full press release after the jump. » 3/18/08 2:00am 3/18/08 2:00am


Yamaha's 63 Series Home Theater Receivers iPod- and Bluetooth-Compatible

Yamaha has brought out its 63 Series, five receivers for Home Theater setups ranging in price from the $229 RX-V363 to the RX-V863, which costs just under a grand. All of them (the other three are the RX-V463, the RX-V563 and the RX-V663) are iPod- and Bluetooth-compatible, and some of them have on-screen menu… » 2/29/08 6:24am 2/29/08 6:24am

Denon's $5,200 Flagship AVR-5308CI with Wi-Fi, Better Media and Cozy UI…

If you're like us, you've been waiting for AV receivers to catch up with the digital age. Today, Denon introduced a huge line of receivers, with features that are up our alley:

• Wi-Fi in the two priciest models, AVR-5308CI ($5,199) and AVR-4308CI ($2,499)

• USB inputs for bus-powered HDD, along with AAC, FLAC, WMA… » 7/24/07 2:52pm 7/24/07 2:52pm

Pioneer Announces Four Low to High-End A/V Receivers

Pioneer announced four A/V receivers to add to their ménage à trois of home theatre products including HDTVs and Blu-ray players: the VSX-517, VSX-817, VSX-917V and the VSX-1017TXV (pictured above). The two higher players include HDMI video switching, which is a definite plus and all of which provide iPod connectivity… » 1/07/07 2:00pm 1/07/07 2:00pm

Denon A/V Receivers at CES

If you've got some bucks to spend this new year and want to build a killer A/V system, there's nothing wrong with checking out Denon's new A/V receiver, which will include available Dolby and DTS surround sound decoding technologies, IR remote in/out terminals for integrated system control, and feature assignable… » 1/03/06 9:30am 1/03/06 9:30am