Nissan Leaf Will Initially Be Available In Only Five States

The Leaf, Nissan's all-electric vehicle priced at $32,780, will be released in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, and Tennesee as early as this December. » 7/27/10 4:51pm 7/27/10 4:51pm

Looking for a Palm Pre? Here's Where You Can Get Them at Best Buy

Did you know that the Best Buy in Westbank, LA, will have 24 Palm Pre cellphones when it launches. Or that the Burbank, CA, store will have 16? Now you can check your nearest store yourself. » 6/02/09 12:30pm 6/02/09 12:30pm

G1 Pre-Sale Madness: T-Mobile Triples Production, Sells Them All

According to a T-Mobile spokesperson, pre-sale demand on the Android G1 is so big that they have already sold all their units. She says that this is specially impressive because it happened after they tripled the amount of available G1 cellphones. Of course, this could mean anything without knowing actual shipping… » 10/03/08 8:10pm 10/03/08 8:10pm

iPhone Availability Update: It's Everywhere?

According to Apple's availability checker, the iPhone is still in stock at every Apple store in the whole country. Seriously, there's no place where the iPhone isn't available. » 6/30/07 11:40am 6/30/07 11:40am

Helio Ocean Available Today, Friday May 11

Hey folks, just a quick note to let you guys know that the Ocean is going to be available today, Friday, May 11. You can get one by going to, calling 1-888-88-HELIO, or going to one of their retail stores in Santa Monica, Palo Alto, San Diego, Denver or NYC. » 5/11/07 4:00am 5/11/07 4:00am