Watch a rabbit artfully hop and jump around inside an avalanche

I don’t know what compelled this white rabbit to pop out of nowhere and run straight into the avalanche and start hopping away but I can use my human brain to come up with rabbit reasons. I only see three options: it sees the collapsing snow as a giant mate orgy. It thinks jumping around inside an avalanche is fun… »6/08/15 10:37pm6/08/15 10:37pm

The Subzero Lab Where Scientists Recreate Avalanches In a Box 

Avalanches are powerful forces of nature, but they’re also the result of millions of tiny snowflakes bonded—or not bonded—together just so. Looking at avalanches falling down mountains can only tell you so much. At Montana State University’s “subzero lab,” scientists are studying how avalanches happen by recreating… »4/03/15 3:53pm4/03/15 3:53pm

Seeing an avalanche form right before your eyes is absolutely terrifying

The ground just starts cracking right in front of the snowboarder. I mean, what do you even do when the ground fractures and the snow murmurs and life glitches like that? What do you do when you have two seconds to realize you're screwed and to come up with a plan to unscrew yourself? You can't do anything, really. »2/05/15 10:30pm2/05/15 10:30pm

Avalanche Simulator Ride: The Thrill of Being Crushed By Tons of Snow

The ski resort of Les Deux Alps wants to give visitors a chance to experience what it is like to be caught in an avalanche and learn how to survive without all of that messy "white death" business. The "Robocoaster," as it is called, was the brainchild of of local businessman Marc Dode, who lost a friend in an… »12/21/07 6:30pm12/21/07 6:30pm

Pulse Barryvox Avalanche Transceiver: For Those Avalanche Moments

Mammut's Pulse Barryvox Avalanche Transceiver looks like an invaluable gadget for skiers and climbers everywhere. It acts as a signal beacon in the event of you being caught in an avalanche, enabling the rescue team to locate you and dig you out quickly. They will be able to check on your health, as the PDA-sized… »4/02/07 4:49am4/02/07 4:49am