Canon Vixia HF11, HG20 and HG21 Camcorders Priced For U.S., Getting Solid Early Reviews

Three new Canon cams including the successor to the HF10, one of last year's best AVCHD 'corders, are now officially bound for the U.S. after details hit in Japan a few weeks back. has already gotten their hands on an HF11 review unit, and liked what they saw-full HD capture at 1920x1080, dual flash… »8/07/08 1:55pm8/07/08 1:55pm

Sony HDR-CX12 HD AVCHD Camcorder Has Face-Recognition Technology

Sony has upgraded its HDR-CX7 flash-based camcorder to include face-recognition technology and Smile Shutter, which automatically takes a still picture as soon as the subject switches to full beam. The camera records in full HD at a resolution of 920 by 1080 pixels, and has a 10-megapixel camera for still shots.… »6/19/08 4:15am6/19/08 4:15am

Panasonic's New HD Camcorders World's First With 3-MOS Sensors

Back in January we showed the Panasonic HDC-SD9 camcorder, which has a 3-CCD sensor, but the HDC-SD100 and HDC-HS100 announced today have a spanky new MOS system. This makes them the world's first AVCHD camcorders with "3MOS," which has double the light-receiving area of the CCD version, better for low-light shooting.… »6/18/08 4:33am6/18/08 4:33am

JVC Expands Everio Range, Including World's First 50-Hour AVCHD Camcorder

Earlier this year, JVC fired out the first HDD palmcorder to output video in 1080p, and now it has expanded the product line with the GZ-HD30, HD40 and HD10. It's a significant revamp, since the new cams use a completely new CMOS sensor, replacing the previous 3-CCD system. The HD40 has a 120GB 1.8-inch hard drive,… »6/16/08 4:37am6/16/08 4:37am

Sony HDR-SR12 Gets Reviewed (Verdict: It's a Winner)

According to Camcorder Info, Sony's HDR-SR12 is continuing to push the AVCHD format forward as a viable successor to HDV. It is, by far, the best Sony HDD camcorder on the market—and with 120GB under the hood, it is unmatched in the AVCHD category in terms of capacity. As far as performance is concerned, the SR12 held… »3/31/08 9:15pm3/31/08 9:15pm

Canon Vixa HF10 Camcorder Reviewed (Verdict: Best AVCHD to Date)

If you have been waiting for a camcorder that gets AVCHD right, the folks at Camcorder Info have some good news. According to their recent review, the Canon Vixia HF10 may have finally brought the format into its own. When compared to an HDV camcorder, the quality of the HF10's images (artifacts, sharpness, color, low… »3/11/08 7:30pm3/11/08 7:30pm

Panasonic's DMP-BD30 Is the $500 Next-Gen Blu-ray Player To Beat

Last week Samsung told us its hybrid BD-UP5000 Duo would be the very first next-gen Blu-ray player. Today, Panasonic rolls out theirs, with plans to deliver even faster. The $500 DMP-BD30 will meet the requirements of BD Profile 1.1, also known as "Final Standard Profile." This will be the only next-gen Blu-ray player… »10/30/07 4:00pm10/30/07 4:00pm

New Toshiba HD DVD Recorders Also Write HD to Regular DVDs

Panasonic isn't the only one showing off high-def recording at CEATEC. Toshiba announced three new HD DVD recorders, including the new flagship Vardia RD-X7. All of them can convert MPEG-2 to AVCHD MPEG-4 on the fly, and can store high-def video on DVD-R (2 hrs) and single-layer HD DVD-R (6 hrs) discs. Pricing and… »10/04/07 11:34am10/04/07 11:34am

Canon HG10 High Definition HDD Camcorder Reviewed, Gets Thumbs-Up

The Canon HG10 high-definition camcorder, the first HD shooter from Canon to record its video on a hard disk drive (HDD), is out for review. The Camcorder Info guys have gotten their paws on one, and in a nearly book-length epic they exhaustively put the little $1299 camcorder to the test. With a couple of exceptions,… »8/09/07 1:30pm8/09/07 1:30pm