Why Avis Buying Zipcar Could Actually Be a Good Thing

Earlier this morning Avis announced that it would be acquiring the car-sharing service Zipcar for roughly half a billion dollars, a deal that's expected to close by the spring. But some investors believe the offer grossly undervalues Zipcar, and have launched an investigation to try to scuttle the deal. » 1/02/13 12:56pm 1/02/13 12:56pm

Avis Bringing WiFi to Their Rental Cars

The worst part about renting a car, besides the cigarette stink and high cost, is the fact that you can't surf the web while driving around in it. I guess. I mean, I never have an urge to surf the web while driving, but I guess I just don't have a big enough desire to get into an accident. » 1/02/07 11:37am 1/02/07 11:37am