Gizmodo's Very, Very NSFW Porn Convention Adventure

CES, it takes a toll on you. Sometimes, you need a break. So Jason, Mark and I decided that on the last day of CES, we'd also go check out AVN, the NSFW porn convention that happens at the same time as CES. I was kind of apprehensive at first, as I thought I would get grossed out and feel uncomfortable with the… » 1/11/08 4:50pm 1/11/08 4:50pm

Rimba Electrosex Power Box 880: Should Cause Pleasure But Causes Pain…

Just down the Las Vegas strip from the main CES convention center this week is the porn convention and Gizmodo went over there to check out all the latest technological innovations. One thing that caught our eye was the Rimba Electrosex Power Box 880, a device that causes pleasurable feelings by contracting… » 1/12/07 9:05am 1/12/07 9:05am

Adult Entertainment Expo: Yep, We're Here Too

The Adult Entertainment Expo begins tomorrow and you know we will be there covering all of the sick and twisted gadgets available for the adult industry. We'll try our hardest to keep it work-safe, but if you need even more coverage of AEE and the AVN awards, go check out our blogging cohorts, Fleshbot (very NWS). » 1/10/07 12:30am 1/10/07 12:30am