Taking Photos From Inside Fighter Jets Is the Coolest Job Ever

For all the boring photography jobs out there—weddings, corporate, et cetera—Sergeant Larry Reid Jr. did pretty well to avoid them all and land one of the most thrilling jobs imaginable. He is the photographer for the Air Force Thunderbirds. His job is to fly with the team and document their amazing flights. » 7/09/14 1:41pm 7/09/14 1:41pm

Video of Astronauts Goofing Around in Space Makes Blogging Seem Really Boring

There's a good reason that being an astronaut is one of the top jobs that little kids say they want to be when they grow up: it looks so, so fun. Just check out this video of astronauts goofin' around in space and tell me it doesn't make you wish you were a genius scientist/pilot with perfect eyesight. Oh well, you… » 11/14/07 12:40pm 11/14/07 12:40pm