AT&T-Mo Would Blanket 95% of America In LTE... Someday

Throughout AT&T's T-Mobile acquisition explainer this morning, the number repeated most often was 95%. That's the amount of LTE coverage that execs repeatedly promised their T-Mobile purchase would bring to the US. It's a number that's appealing to consumers—and, AT&T hopes, regulators—but don't get too excited quite… » 3/21/11 8:51am 3/21/11 8:51am

Mobileye AWS: Color-Coded Nagging on Your Dashboard

As we move ever closer to the driverless car, Mobileye takes a step backward with its automatic warning system (AWS), a color-coded indicator that mounts on your dashboard. Its eye is actually a small video camera mounted to the rear view mirror, and its image processor, called the EyeQ, calculates the distance… » 10/02/06 10:42am 10/02/06 10:42am