Wonderful prank gives housekeeper the home she was supposed to clean

Those make-good-stuff-happen pranks are getting crazy. After turning a waitress' shift into the best day of her life, the people at Break decided to give away a house to Cara Simmons, a housekeeper and single mother of three. But first, they made her believe the new house was actually her new workplace. »11/18/14 1:42am11/18/14 1:42am


Microchip Renuites Dog With Owner After 7 Years: The System Works

If there was ever a case for embedding your dog with a microchip, this is it. In 2001 Lyn O'Byrne's dog Rhia was stolen from the vets office where she worked as a nurse. Amazingly enough, last week she received a call from a lost animals line informing her that a dog was found with her contact info stored in a… »11/16/07 7:37pm11/16/07 7:37pm