Dell Axim X50v, Now with WM6 (Unofficially)

While Dell is not officially supporting their Windows Mobile 6 on their Axim X50 and X51 models, those who own the VGA versions might be interested in a new port created by a philanthropist programmer. Maybe the mod scene is the only place various smartphone users will find their WM6 fix, because it sure seems like… » 8/11/07 6:02pm 8/11/07 6:02pm

Dell Cans Axim PDA, Nobody Cares

Huh? Axim? Wha'cha talkin' bout Michael Dell? It has been made official—Dell spokeswoman Anne Camden said that the Axim X51 family is no longer being offered and there are no plans for future devices. For a quick rehash, the Dell Axim X51 is the latest PDA in Dell's Axim line. The X51 is almost two years old and… » 4/09/07 8:40pm 4/09/07 8:40pm

Dell Axim x51v Hotness Roundup

That is correct kids, the Dell Axim x51v is now being featured on the Dell website. So in celebration we have a slew of mostly fabulous reviews across the web. The general consensus is saying that this new x51v is a lot like its predecessor, but it does feature the new Windows Mobile 5 operating system and also… » 9/20/05 3:26pm 9/20/05 3:26pm