Official PlayStation 3 Bluetooth SOCOM Headset Is $49 On October 14

The official PlayStation 3 Bluetooth headset »9/03/08 7:15pm9/03/08 7:15pm will be arriving in the US on October 14 for $49, or a bundle price of $59 if you want to buy it and together. The headset itself has a "High-Quality" mode, which activates its dual mics and apparently uses "high bandwidth" to make you sound better to the other dudes on…

Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV Is Way Better Than Cable or Satellite

Click to viewMicrosoft's Mediaroom is the company's IPTV solution that brings TV into to your house (much like cable and satellite) over IP. You might be familiar with it in its commercially released service forms such as AT&T U-Verse here in the US or BT Vision in the UK. The features out now—quick channel changing,… »5/17/08 11:00am5/17/08 11:00am

Cobra 29 LTD BT is the World's First Bluetooth CB Radio: 10-4 Good Buddy

Cobra Electronics is expected to unveil the world's first Bluetooth CB radio at this years Mid-America Trucking Show. Naturally, this device will allow truckers to synch their mobile phone conversations to their CB radio, making for more effective communication. Plus, a noise canceling microphone will allow calls to… »2/20/08 8:15pm2/20/08 8:15pm