Mitsubishi Laser TV's Colors Look Even Juicier Than the Girls on the Set

Click to viewMitsubishi put together quite a spectacle to introduce its Laser TV last night at the Moon Nightclub at The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, unveiling a 65-inch rear-projection set that uses a unique laser backlight. The result is some of the most vivid color we've ever seen on any TV, especially the primary… »1/08/08 3:29am1/08/08 3:29am

I4U News Invites Entries for Optimus Prime Photo Model Competition

Our friends at I4U News definitely have an eye for the ladies, and they've decided to host an Optimus Prime Photo Model Competition in honor of that penchant. About the only thing that's required is for your chosen babe to wear an Optimus Prime voice-changing helmet. Parts of us are already transforming in… »12/21/07 11:30am12/21/07 11:30am

'Call Me' Panty Holds That Vibrating Cellphone Close to Her Hot Spot (NSFW)

Ladies, what on earth are you going to do with that cellphone when all you're wearing is a dainty pair of unmentionables? How will you carry it around and still have both hands free? Here's the solution: the Call Me panty, a dual-purpose garment that adds new meaning to the phrase "eagerly awaiting your call." Just… »10/17/07 10:15am10/17/07 10:15am

Dell Beginning to Learn How to Sell Laptops with Comely Female Consultants

If you thought those colorful Dell notebooks we showed you the other day were attractive, check out the models Dell picked out to sashay around with the laptops in Korea. Those gals really know how to stand up straight, don't they? We hear the women showing off the equipment in New York had equally good posture.
»6/28/07 12:15pm6/28/07 12:15pm

Smartinor, The Fugly Car Only This Babe Could Love

We're not sure whether we are dumbstruck more by this crazy concept car's design or that babe standing in front of it. This is what happens when a Smart ForTwo Car and a weirded-out '70s Eleanor Mustang from Gone in 60 Seconds get drunk and start talking shit to each other, ending up in some fleabag flophouse with the… »6/07/07 11:30am6/07/07 11:30am