Casio G-Shocks Updated In Crazy Colors

If those all-terrain Casio watches were too rich for your blood » 8/13/08 7:56pm 8/13/08 7:56pm, fret not: There's a slew of new G-Shocks that look good and are pretty cheap. Up there are the Baby-Gs, which come in some wild bright colors with a patent leather look, have the cool reflective back, and are water resistant to 100 meters. They also come…

Casio Updates Baby-G With Colors, Tilt-to-Zoom Display

Just the other day Casio came up with some colorful retrotastic G-shocks, and now the Baby-G is getting a color treatment, with a neat zooming display. The BG-2000/2001 series come in white, yellow and orange with shiny wrist bands and complimentary colored LCDs that you can customize in five styles. There's also that… » 4/30/08 6:36am 4/30/08 6:36am