Samsung Galaxy S5 Is a Baby Monitor That Reports to Your Smartwatch

Samsung's new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, has a surprising hidden feature that tech bloggers have just discovered: the phone can double as a baby monitor—provided you've got it paired to a Galaxy Gear smartwatch. And y'know, you don't mind leaving your baby and your phone behind while you're in another room. » 3/29/14 1:00pm 3/29/14 1:00pm

A Baby Monitor App Captured the Adorable Truth of What Happens When a…

Say it with me now: Hahahawwwwwhahah. This awesome toddler is named Jude and this video shows what he's actually doing when his parents shut off the lights and try to make him sleep. It's punishingly adorable. » 2/25/13 10:00pm 2/25/13 10:00pm

Vibrating Baby Monitor Tries To Wake Your Sleeping Kid If They Stop…

Instead of just listening for signs that something might be wrong with a sleeping infant, the Snuza monitor does a quick check before sounding the alarm. So not only does it provide extra piece of mind, it also cuts down on false positives that could have you dashing to the nursery in a panic. » 12/06/12 10:40am 12/06/12 10:40am

Use Your New Baby as an Excuse to Buy an iPhone and Smart Baby Monitor

This is a great opportunity to buy some new gadgets—and your wife will love you even more for it! It's much better than hooking up a laptop to your baby's crib, while you Skype it from the kitchen. » 1/07/11 12:00pm 1/07/11 12:00pm

Urban Wi-Fi Dies a Little Every Time a Baby Cries

If you're experiencing slower Wi-Fi connections, and you live in a highly populated area, there is a great possibility that your connection is being challenged by interference coming from baby monitors. » 5/11/09 9:00pm 5/11/09 9:00pm