Insane bike trick seems to murder the laws of physics

We no longer live on Earth, my friends. We're in some weird world where people can do the impossible. Do you want to fly? You should try. Do you want to spin in the air in both directions? I think you can. Because this insane Superman double backflip bicycle trick destroys everything that should be humanly possible.… » 12/17/13 9:14pm 12/17/13 9:14pm

Just a Guy Documenting His Year, One Backflip at a Time

There are plenty of thoughtful ways in which people can document their year. But when Sam Morrison's father bet him $100 that he couldn't do a backflip every day of 2011, another approach was born. Yes: Sam Morrison recorded himself doing a backflip every single day of 2011. » 1/26/12 4:04am 1/26/12 4:04am

The T-Mobile Motorola Charm Looks Like An Android Version Of The Old…

T-Mobile just announced the Motorola Charm and it's just like what we saw, an ugly but sort of interesting Android phone. But if you can get over its looks, it's the first Android phone that channels the Moto Q form factor. » 7/07/10 3:54pm 7/07/10 3:54pm

All Amazon's AT&T Phones On Sale For 1 Cent

If you're set to hop on board AT&T's network, Amazon has a tasty deal: it's selling every AT&T phone it offers for one penny, with a new 2-year contract. Among those included: the Motorola Backflip and the BlackBerry Bold 9700. » 4/09/10 2:32pm 4/09/10 2:32pm

AT&T Ditches Google For Yahoo Search on Motorola Backflip

AT&T's first Android phone won't ship with Google Search. Instead, The Motorola Backflip's home screen will sport a Yahoo Search widget, and its browser will run Yahoo searches by default. Yep. I think that's what they call a burn. » 3/02/10 12:56pm 3/02/10 12:56pm