Awesome Animation Shows How a Factory Makes Back to the Future Hoverboards

In my head, we screwed it all up. Our reality is an alternate timeline because our hoverboards don’t actually hover. There are people out there living in the real timeline where Back to the Future-style hoverboards actually do exist and do hover and are probably made in a factory that pumps ‘em out like in this…


Where We're Going, We Don't Need Clothes: First Trailer For The Back to the Future Porn Spoof!

Now that Marty McFly’s arrived from 1985, it’s time to give Marty a proper greeting: with a porn spoof! After all, porn spoofs are the most important cultural artifacts of our futuristic era. Here’s the first trailer, exclusively at io9! It’s work-safe, apart from some sex toys.

Last Week's Doctor Who Had the Weirdest Star Wars/Back to the Future Easter Egg

It’s almost second nature for sci-fi to be self-referential—not just to itself, but to the wider pantheon of shows and movies. Doctor Who is no stranger to these references, but last week’s episode, “Face the Raven,” had one that was typically Doctor Who: An Easter Egg, hidden inside another Easter Egg!


Hilarious animation imagines Back to the Future traveling to our real life 2015 instead

Everyone knows that the 2015 that Doc and Marty time traveled to in Back to the Future II was so much cooler than our 2015. They had hoverboards and self-lacing sneakers and flying cars and fusion reactors! We don’t have any of that. Instead we have bad fashion taste, global warming, selfies, Internet bullying and…