Sony's Back-Illuminated CMOS Sensor Increases Sensitivity, Reduces Noise Dramatically

Sony has developed a new CMOS technology that may revolutionize consumer video camcorders and cameras: a 5-megapixel, 60 frames per second back-illuminated sensor. As you can see in this test image, the sensor nearly duplicates light sensitivity while reducing the signal-to-noise ratio. The idea is apparently simple,… »6/11/08 7:20am6/11/08 7:20am

SIM2, Dolby's High Dynamic Range TV: For Quality A-Team Viewing

Hey kids! Mr. T here, tellin' you that watching too much TV is bad for you. But if you're stuck inside, maybe you're sick with a cold or something, then this new TV by Dolby and SIM2 Multimedia might be good. It's got some cool local-dimming LED technology —1,838 of the suckas— that dynamically adjust backlighting for… »4/01/08 7:41am4/01/08 7:41am

Solar House Number Display & Mailbox Easy to See at Night

The obviously named Solar House Number Display & Mailbox will not only help guests find your home in the dark, but it keeps your mail and newspaper snug, too. The box drinks in solar rays during the day, and when evening comes, it automatically triggers the LED backlighting, lasting for up to 10 hours. Just use the… »6/28/07 12:28pm6/28/07 12:28pm

Pandigital Updates Digital Picture Frames with a Little LED Backlighting Love

Back in October Pendigital's biggest frame was only 9.6 inches. Today they stepped it up huge by updating their line of frames with a 10.4 incher and adding LED backlighting that makes the picture look phenomenal. There is no other easy way to describe this frame other than beautiful. Prices begin at $99. Available in… »1/08/07 12:13am1/08/07 12:13am