Rumored LED-Backlit Macbook Pros: Beat to the Punch by Vaio

Remember that rumor about the 15-inch Macbooks with LED backlighting? There's been debate as to whether or not the technology is ready to ship in laptops, but the haters forget that some of the Sony Vaio notebooks shipped late last year have the same tech in them to great effect. The TX and SZ lines have em, with the… »1/23/07 1:45pm1/23/07 1:45pm

myKeyO Keyboard Organizer: Updated Unit is Backlit, Wireless

Here's an updated version of the old Owltech keyboard organizer we saw here long ago, and this one's the backlit myKeyO Palmrest Multimedia Keyboard Organizer, available in your choice of wired or wireless models. Its claim to fame is its ability to stash lots of stuff in its base, which the company says only… »8/16/06 11:19am8/16/06 11:19am