Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility Updated

The Xbox 360 backward compatibility team's just pumped out a batch of new updates, this time adding support for many older sports games, driving games and Batman games. There aren't many A-list titles on here (probably because they've been added earlier due to the fact that they're A-list titles), but if you really… » 11/27/07 2:55pm 11/27/07 2:55pm

Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility Update for April

Microsoft's just thrown down a brand new Xbox 360 backward compatibility update that adds or updates about 40 titles (give or take) to the list of Xbox games it can play. If you remember back to GDC, you'll know that Microsft's planning on ramping down the BC efforts after '07. So unless they pull out a gigantic update … » 4/19/07 6:00pm 4/19/07 6:00pm

European PS3 Backward Compatibility List

The Internets have been griping about the software backward compatibility of European/PAL PS3s for the past couple weeks, so it's probably a good idea to actually take a list at the titles the software emulation can support. Right now Sony's gigantic list is at 72 percent, with improvements sure to come. » 3/20/07 6:30pm 3/20/07 6:30pm

Europe's PS3's Software Backward Compatibility Graded (It's Not Good)

What would you do if you were a professor and one of your students got 1 out of 12 questions correct on an exam? Before you answer, let us tell you a story. You see, the Inquirer got their hands on a PAL PS3—you know, the ones that have software backward compatibility—and tested it out with twelve popular PS2 games.… » 3/14/07 5:43pm 3/14/07 5:43pm