What Life Would Look Like If Everything Was Reversed

Ryan Jay and Alexander Shahmiri created Life Backwards, a little short showing what life would look like if it was all in reverse. It's hypnotic and tickles that part of your brain that's been numbed by too much normalcy. » 5/25/12 7:40pm 5/25/12 7:40pm

Blockbuster Planning In-Store Movie Download Kiosks

Blockbuster really is falling back hard on its B&M outlets, so hard they're missing half the point of digital distribution, which is not having to drive to the store to grab a movie. Part of their revival plan is to install kiosks at B&M stores where you can download movies straight to your portable media player.… » 11/09/07 3:30am 11/09/07 3:30am

Backward Clock Confuses Guests, Toddlers

Not only are the numbers in this backward clock arranged backwards, but the actual hands move in reverse as well. At only $13, it's a cheap way to confuse the hell out of your dates, making sure they never know when it is they have to leave. » 2/05/07 4:00pm 2/05/07 4:00pm

My PS3 Scratched In 10 Seconds

I'd forgotten to mention this interesting fact. Friday, when Jason and I took the retail PS3 out of its box and within a few seconds it was covered in dust. » 11/12/06 2:17pm 11/12/06 2:17pm

PlayStation 3's Backward Compatibility Demoed

Eager to find out how the PS3 will play your old PS2 games? Here ya go. Here we take you on a tour of how the PS3 will make a new memory card, how the game loads up, and how you can reassign different SIXAXIS controllers to different "slots" on the virtual PS2.

Bonus: you'll even get a few seconds of the Final… » 11/12/06 2:15pm 11/12/06 2:15pm