New Bill Would Make Wi-Fi Hotspots, Email Providers, ISPs Responsible for Obscene Content

The US House of Representatives has a lovely new bill they've just passed that makes everyone responsible for obscenity online if they see it or if it happens to go over their Wi-Fi. It's called the Securing Adolescents From Exploitation Online act (or SAFE, get it?!?), and it's yet another overreaching, reactionary… »12/06/07 11:41am12/06/07 11:41am


New Bill Would Deny Schools' Funding if They Don't Comply with the RIAA

In a ridiculous display of just how much you can get done in government if you have enough money, a new bill on the House floor states that if colleges don't police their networks and do the RIAA and MPAA's bidding as well as buy into services such as Napster for their entire student body, they'll lose all their… »11/12/07 10:30am11/12/07 10:30am