Bring the Sweet Stench of Death to Your Desk With More Gothic…

This week's bad-taste webcam has been joined by more goth gear—this time a keyboard, mouse and mouse mat combo. Using the same recipe (take a perfectly ordinary set of computer stuff, liberally sprinkle with skulls, bones, rocks, random greenery and snakes) this time Evergreen has upped the gravestone action.… » 1/25/08 4:41am 1/25/08 4:41am

Goth-style Webcam is So Hideous You Wouldn't Want to Film Your…

Sweet Baby Jesus and all the orphans, we wonder what possessed the creators of this nightmarish webcam as they slaved away at the drawing board. Something nasty with horns, a wicked headache and really bad taste in art, I reckon. Let's see—take one webcam (pretty standard USB 2.0, 1.3 Mpix little number, with lights… » 1/21/08 8:41am 1/21/08 8:41am

Simroid the Retarded Robot's Sensitive Mouth Trains Dentists, Perverts

Say hello to Simroid, a new robot from Japan designed to help train dentists. Forgive me for being a little off-color here, but this thing looks like it's better suited to give BJs, but it's looking a little too downsy to sell well in any of Japan's numerous sex shops. In any case, it's loaded up with sensitive teeth… » 11/28/07 3:45pm 11/28/07 3:45pm

Die Modden Squadden, or a Lesson in Bad Taste

There were coffins, toilets, underwater landscapes that had everything except Mario swimming around looking for coins, a box file, a bikini babe and this thing. Honestly, wherever I go in my nightmares, Hello frackin' Kitty is there, waiting. Pass me the chainsaw, Helmut, and make it snappy: I've got a whole gallery… » 9/03/07 8:00am 9/03/07 8:00am

Catapult Watch for Medievalists with No Taste. And Squirrels

If Adam Frucci's squirrel catapult post from earlier this week tickled your fancy, here's something that won't—unless you're a squirrel and you want your revenge. It's a simply repulsive antique catapult watch that dates back to 2005. Cost is $49 and it comes with free artillery, having been reduced from $59. I can't… » 6/22/07 7:59am 6/22/07 7:59am