Samsung Waves Hello To Wave S8500 Smartphone With Bada OS and SUPER…

It was hardly a well-kept secret by any stretch of the imagination, but at MWC Samsung's Wave S8500 has raised its head. It's running the new Bada OS, and has one of those 3.3-inch SUPER AMOLED screens we saw before. » 2/14/10 1:01pm 2/14/10 1:01pm

Remainders - Stuff We Didn't Post (and Why)

Samsung's Bada Mobile OS to Launch in Early 2010...Google Talk Knows When You're on Android, and Likes It...California Passes New Efficiency Standard for TVs...Acer Ferrari Netbook's Tackiness Burns My Eyes... » 11/18/09 11:00pm 11/18/09 11:00pm

Samsung Dumping Symbian

So this is why Samsung announced bada. That new OS will replace Symbian starting in 2010, according to Samsung's senior VP, Don Joo Lee. (No worries, Samsung will continue to sell Windows Mobile and Android handsets.) But as for Symbian, the OS will certainly take a hit without a piece of Samsung's 200 million or so… » 11/11/09 10:32am 11/11/09 10:32am