The Navy's Advanced Guns System Fires Rocket-Powered Artillery Shells

The 54-caliber, 5-inch naval artillery shells fired by Arleigh Burke-class destroyers are brutally efficient at destroying surface ships, aircraft, and land targets. But they're little more than pea shooters compared to the 6.1-inch rocket-propelled, GPS-guided shells shot by the new Zumwalt-class' Advanced Guns… »7/08/13 3:20pm7/08/13 3:20pm

How Lasers Turn Dumb Rockets Into $28,500 Smart Missiles

70mm Hydra rockets have been a mainstay of the US military since the 1940s. They're less expensive and cause less collateral damage than, say, a Hellfire-sized ordnance. Problem is—they don't steer well, or rather, at all. A new laser-guidance upgrade from BAE Systems, however, is poised to make the Hydra-70 much… »8/14/12 11:30am8/14/12 11:30am

Army Plans Swarms of Military Bug-Robots, Bringing Sci-Fi to Life

The rather beautiful looks of the robot in this image hide the fact that in reality it would be part of a swarm of military bots designed to creep into caves, bunkers and other hostile areas to grab intel on the baddies hiding within. Yes: it sounds like Minority Report, Dr Who and Robot Wars all rolled into one. And… »5/02/08 9:05am5/02/08 9:05am