Bring Your iPad and Its Every Accessory with the iPad Travel Express…

You might say that owning a carrying case akin to a full-sized laptop bag is self-defeating to the iPad's portability. But where else can you find a pouch with enough room to fit your iPad, external keyboard, power brick, power cord, and all other cables you might need—all for the same price as Apple's flimsy Smart… » 3/23/11 7:23pm 3/23/11 7:23pm

Careful! Don't Accidentally Mail Your iPad In This Bag

I usually have a soft spot for whimsical, girly iPad cases, but for some reason I still couldn't help but smile when I saw this plain leather iPad bag which appears inspired by the old Macbook Air envelope case. » 7/12/10 11:00pm 7/12/10 11:00pm