This Crazy Baggage Roller Coaster Takes Your Bags For a Record-Breaking Ride

For the most part, traditional conveyor-based baggage-delivery systems work just fine, but they are pretty slow, which can throttle your throughput. That's suddenly not a problem if you treat your bags to a kart-based roller coaster that reaches speeds up to 22mph (600 meters per minute). Airplanes won't be the only… »9/29/12 6:00pm9/29/12 6:00pm

LiveLuggage Power-Assisted Suitcase Lightens the Load for Travellers

The motors inside LiveLuggage's ingenious power-assisted suitcase can turn a 65-pound load into something one-tenth of the size. With an anti-gravity handle and force sensors in the wheels, LiveLuggage is hack- and thief-proof and, once charged, the battery will run for a couple of hours. Costing $1,300, I'm tempted… »6/23/08 8:00am6/23/08 8:00am