China's Answer to Google Is Building This Stealthy Smart Bike

While Google busies itself with building cars that can drive themselves, China's equivalent—the monstrous Baidu—is building this super-cool smart bike. Not as complex perhaps, but a damn sight more realizable. » 11/26/14 6:51am 11/26/14 6:51am

Smart Chopsticks That Test Your Food For Contamination

Recently, Stephen Colbert lampooned gadgets that track what you drink and other seemingly inane metrics. But the trend may have just found its ideal market. The Chinese search giant Baidu just introduced a pair of "smart chopsticks" designed to alert users to the presence of "gutter oil," or the illegal use of oil… » 9/03/14 10:17pm 9/03/14 10:17pm

The Chinese Equivalent of Google Is Trying to Make the Chinese…

Baidu, the Chinese search engine used in China, is reportedly working on a Chinese version of Google Project Glass that'll be called Baidu Eye. Because OF COURSE they would. It makes perfect sense for knockoff Google to knock off Project Glass, right? » 4/02/13 11:30pm 4/02/13 11:30pm

Staff of China's Biggest Search Engine Delete User Content For Cash

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Baidu, China's biggest search company, is sacking staff because they've been deleting users' posts for cash. » 8/06/12 6:43am 8/06/12 6:43am

China Just Won SimCity With Censorship-Bypassing 3D Baidu Maps

China has repeatedly prevented Google Maps from providing maps of China because the government would like the right to censor landmarks and locations. That means people miss out on cool features like Google's 3D view for Android. So what does China do instead? Have Baidu—the most popular search engine there—provide a… » 3/01/11 5:20pm 3/01/11 5:20pm

Another Potential Casualty In the Google-China Wars: Science

With all the intrigue around China hacking Google and Google hacking back, it's easy to overlook the real-world consequences of what further escalation might lead to. Specifically: Chinese researchers and scientists could see the plug pulled on their work process. » 2/25/10 11:00am 2/25/10 11:00am

Motorola Working Around Google For Android Phones In China

Google's war with the Chinese government could end up hurting Motorola, one of its Android mobile handset partners that plans to sell phones in China. » 1/21/10 2:59pm 1/21/10 2:59pm