Ballmer Binged on The Good Wife to Cheer Himself on Leaving Microsoft

Between leaving Microsoft and buying the Clippers, poor old Steve Ballmer got a little bit down in the dumps. But to cheer himself up, he did what many of us would: he binge-watched TV. » 8/26/14 4:20am 8/26/14 4:20am

Ballmer Yelled His Email Address at Ballmeriffic Clippers Event

The former Microsoft head-honcho and now owner of the Los Angles Clippers sportsball club took to the stage for the first time since dropping $2 billion on the team. There was fanfare! There was Ballmer Yelling™! Personal contact information was revealed! Wait what? » 8/18/14 7:15pm 8/18/14 7:15pm

Photoshop Contest: Give the LA Clippers a New, Ballmer-Friendly Logo

As you may have heard, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is now the official owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. And considering he paid a whopping $2 billion for the team, we want to make sure he's getting his money's worth. Let's give Steve a logo he can be proud of. » 8/12/14 6:06pm 8/12/14 6:06pm

Developers, Developers, Developers...

» 5/03/14 10:39am 5/03/14 10:39am

56 Steve Ballmer Photoshops in Honor of His Retirement

Microsoft announced today that Steve Ballmer would be retiring within the next 12 months, after decades of service to the company—including the last several as CEO. Ballmer did a lot to and for Microsoft, but the man's greatest legacy might just be this Photoshop contest we originally ran back in 2009. » 8/23/13 9:28am 8/23/13 9:28am

Steve Ballmer's Buying the Sacramento Kings and Bringing Basketball…

Steve Ballmer rules and now he rules even more because he's supposedly about to buy the Sacramento Kings and move them back to Seattle. We'll now open the floor to team name ideas. » 1/09/13 4:07pm 1/09/13 4:07pm

Watch Microsoft's Surface Unveiling in 90 Seconds

Microsoft had one of the biggest product announcements in the company's history last night: Surface, the pair of tablets that will take on the iPad and the MacBook Air simultaneously. But since only a handful of tech journalists were invited—and since we're guessing you don't have an hour to watch the full… » 6/19/12 10:20am 6/19/12 10:20am

Microsoft Talks Up Windows Sales, and "Very Small" Windows Phone 7 Sales

Ballmer knows the fastest way to get people talking about Microsoft is if he slags off the competition, which is exactly what he did yesterday. Boasting, he compared 350m sold PCs in the last year with their rival selling just 20m. » 7/12/11 4:10am 7/12/11 4:10am

Ballmer Promises over 500 New WP7 Features in Mango Update

Windows Phone 7 is not what we hoped it would be—yet. But the more we hear about its first major update, the better. And according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Mango's going to be all kinds of juicy. » 5/23/11 11:58am 5/23/11 11:58am

Video: Watch Nokia's Entire Windows Phone Shake Up

See the two Steves shake up the smartphone industry as it happened, in this full-length 12 minute presentation of today's bombshell. Steve Ballmer comes on at around the six-minute mark. [Nokia] » 2/11/11 7:30am 2/11/11 7:30am

Steve Ballmer's Bonus Was Halved Because of Kin Phone Screw-Ups

Two years on from taking over Old Billy Gates' role, and Steve Ballmer's not doing too badly. WP7 has got people excited, and Windows 7 is actually being used. Yet, he got half the usual bonus last year. » 10/01/10 4:10am 10/01/10 4:10am

Ballmer Gives All Microsoft Interns Free Windows Phone 7 Phones, Too

According to an intern tipster, when Ballmer was asked, at an "Intern Talk" earlier today, if Microsoft interns would also be receiving free Windows Phone 7 phones, he replied, "Recruiting doesn't have the budget, but I do. So, Yes!..." » 7/28/10 3:40pm 7/28/10 3:40pm

Happy Birthday, Steve Ballmer

You've seen Steve dance before. Today, if you are using Windows, sending emails from your Hotmail account, or even editing Excel spreadsheets, I insist you do a little monkeyboy dance in your seat. For Ballmer—the ever-entertaining CEO. » 3/24/10 3:00pm 3/24/10 3:00pm

Even Microsoft Execs Like Making Fun of Steve Ballmer

Ritual Steve Ballmer humiliation isn't just for blogs anymore! Nope, now even Microsoft's corporate class—in this case Microsoft Developer Division VP Scott Guthrie—is in on the joke. Way in. » 3/15/10 6:20pm 3/15/10 6:20pm

Ballmer on Xbox: We May Have More Form Factors, Price Points and…

While he was talking about cloud computing yesterday, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made a casual remark about the future of the Xbox. Apparently there might be new form factors, options, and price points coming: » 3/05/10 10:55pm 3/05/10 10:55pm

Is This Steve Ballmer's Secret Twitter Account?

Steve Ballmer recently revealed that he has a secret Twitter account which he uses to "blast out the scores of his kid's high school basketball games." We did a few quick searches and we think we may have found it. » 3/02/10 5:44pm 3/02/10 5:44pm

Seth Meyers Shows Us All the Ways Technology Makes Life Awkward

Click to viewIn this video, shown before Ballmer took the stage at last night's keynote, SNL head writer and Weekend Update host Seth Meyers introduced him with this little video about all the ways technology has, uh, improved our lives. [CNET] » 1/07/10 5:06pm 1/07/10 5:06pm

Confirmed: Zune Integration Coming in Windows Mobile 7

Ballmer just confirmed to Engadget that Zune integration IS coming to Windows Mobile 7, as was implied by these leaked screenshots earlier this year. [Engadget] » 10/22/09 6:59pm 10/22/09 6:59pm

Ballmer: "The Internet Is Not Designed For The iPhone"

Is it State the Obvious Day? Steve Ballmer proclaims that the Internet was not designed for a device that wasn't even a glimmer in Steve Jobs' eye when the Internet came to be. » 10/21/09 8:41pm 10/21/09 8:41pm