Why Are Screens Better Than Real Life?

I have three children, and left unsupervised, they will stare at screens until their eyeballs liquefy and seep into the carpet. And so, I spend every single day of my existence wringing my hands over how much screen time is too much screen time for these people. Sometimes I set a timer. Sometimes I say, "TIME IS UP"… » 3/27/14 4:56pm 3/27/14 4:56pm

How Skype Is Revolutionizing Awkward Phone Sex

Time for your weekly edition of the Deadspin Funbag. Find more of Drew's stuff at KSK or on Twitter. Preorder Drew's new book, The Postmortal, right here. Email the Funbag here. Today, we're covering Skype sex, switches, cell phone death etiquette, and more. » 6/21/11 7:20pm 6/21/11 7:20pm

JM Billiard Round Pool Table Has a Stripper Pole Attachment

Rectangular pool tables? Sounds great, gramps, but why don't you come join us ballers in the 21rst century and have a little fun? Today it's all about round tables with custom add-ons, like stripper poles, which is exactly what California-based JM Billiards is doing with their one-of-a-kind models. When the balls… » 10/05/08 1:00pm 10/05/08 1:00pm