Sprint's XOHM WiMax Service Launching Soon?

According to Phone Scoop, residents of Chicago, Baltimore and DC will be able to get online via Sprint's XOHM WiMax initiative some time in the next few days. It's going to be a soft launch, with not too much promotion, with an official wide launch in the second quarter of 2008. Chicago and Baltimore are going to be… » 12/05/07 1:00pm 12/05/07 1:00pm

Baltimore Teaches Streetlight Cameras to Shout At, Take Pictures of…

Bold thievery runs rampant in the streets of Baltimore, where 136 streetlights have been stolen in the past few months. How to deal with this larceny? That's easy, do something indiscriminate and stupid. Train five solar-powered cameras on the remaining streetlights, and teach those cameras to cry out when they see… » 3/03/06 10:12am 3/03/06 10:12am