What Serial Gets Wrong

If you haven't been listening to Serial you've surely been hearing about it, so I won't summarize the whole story other than to say that there are three critical characters here. There's Hae Min Lee, who was brutally strangled 15 years ago, Adnan, her ex-boyfriend who's currently in jail for life for her murder, and… » 11/20/14 9:00am 11/20/14 9:00am

Japan's Spending $5 Billion to Fast Track Maglev Trains in the US

Come on guys. It's just 40 miles. We'll even go halfsies with you. Except, in this case, "halfsies" still amounts to $5 billion. Japan, in an effort to help DC build a maglev train that would cut travel time to Baltimore down to 15 minutes, is offering up half the cash to do it. The question is: Does that make the… » 9/08/14 5:44pm 9/08/14 5:44pm

Baltimore's Solar Wheel Pulls in 25 Tons of Harbor Garbage Daily

Baltimore harbor is apparently only about a half step up from Rio in terms of cleanliness given that the city's newest green machine—a trash-collecting water wheel powered by the sun—is expected to extract some 50,000 pounds of garbage from coastal waters every day. Every day. » 5/27/14 8:40am 5/27/14 8:40am

First Glimpse of the Baltimore Sinkhole Eating a Bunch of Cars

By now you know that a huge landslide consumed an entire street in Baltimore yesterday. But HOLY MOLY is it scary to watch. Don't lie—if you were there, you'd be screaming too. » 5/01/14 4:57pm 5/01/14 4:57pm

Having decided the city needs more public art, Baltimore is currently installing whimsical crosswalks around the city. This giant zipper by artist Paul Bertholet and a hopscotch-inspired piece by Graham Coreil-Allen are already up, and two more creative crosswalks are on the way. Any interesting crosswalks in your… » 12/12/13 1:40pm 12/12/13 1:40pm

Mother Arrested After Not Wanting Her Daughter to Get Groped By the TSA

A mother and daughter's trip was put on major hold this past Saturday after the mom, 41-year-old Andrea Fornella Abbott, was arrested for throwing a fit with the TSA. Given the organization's track record for "inspecting" kids, wouldn't you? » 7/13/11 9:20am 7/13/11 9:20am

Most Depressing WiFi Hotspots in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore is known as many names—Charm City, The City That Reads, The Greatest City in the World, That Place from The Wire—but when I lived there for a few years, I sure never remembered the awesome WiFi. -SB » 3/29/11 4:00pm 3/29/11 4:00pm

Computer Predicts Prisoners' Chances of Murdering Again

A university professor has invented a computer program with crystal ball powers, only its channel is tuned purely to predicting the probability of murders—specifically, if inmates at a Pennsylvanian prison will ever kill again. » 8/09/10 1:40pm 8/09/10 1:40pm

Rainbow Trapped for First Time, Using Convex Lens and Glass

Baltimore citizens aren't just dealing drugs and installing wiretaps, some of them are busy using convex lenses to trap rainbows, which could be put to good use with optical computing—making hardware faster! Stronger! More powerful! » 11/27/09 9:00pm 11/27/09 9:00pm

Sprint Dual U300 Modem Will Connect to Both EVDO and WiMax

Sprint's partnership with WiMax provider ClearWire looks to be bearing some hardware fruit, with the release of the first dongle to combine 3G cellular and 4G capabilities. » 12/17/08 9:15am 12/17/08 9:15am

Acer 14-inch, 16-inch Aspires Are Built for WiMAX

Now that the Baltimore's XOHM network » 10/08/08 8:01am 10/08/08 8:01am is up and running, companies are scrambling to release WiMAX-enabled notebooks to capitalize on faster-than-EVDO internet. One of the first out the door is Acer, with two new WiMAX sporting Aspires. The Aspire 4930 comes with a 14.1-inch 1280x800 resolution CrystalBrite screen,…

Xohm Tested Out in Baltimore: Beats EVDO, Unsurprisingly

Laptopmag » 10/01/08 4:49am 10/01/08 4:49am went ahead and tested out Xohm WiMax goodness, now that it's . They jammed an ExpressCard Xohm into a Sony Vaio laptop, and compared it to a Kyocera EVDO card running on Verizon, at a spot where both signals were strong. The conclusion? Xohm beats EVDO for speed when doing intensive downloading, such as…

Sprint XOHM WiMax Quietly Goes Live In Baltimore

Just over a week ago the word was » 9/29/08 5:40am 9/29/08 5:40am that Baltimore, the first city in a pilot program for the new wireless tech, might not see WiMax until October. With a minimal announcement and little fanfare, though, it looks like the service has gone live in select parts of the city. The pricing options are interesting though…

Sprint's XOHM WiMax Service Launching Soon?

According to Phone Scoop, residents of Chicago, Baltimore and DC will be able to get online via Sprint's XOHM WiMax initiative some time in the next few days. It's going to be a soft launch, with not too much promotion, with an official wide launch in the second quarter of 2008. Chicago and Baltimore are going to be… » 12/05/07 1:00pm 12/05/07 1:00pm

Baltimore Teaches Streetlight Cameras to Shout At, Take Pictures of…

Bold thievery runs rampant in the streets of Baltimore, where 136 streetlights have been stolen in the past few months. How to deal with this larceny? That's easy, do something indiscriminate and stupid. Train five solar-powered cameras on the remaining streetlights, and teach those cameras to cry out when they see… » 3/03/06 10:12am 3/03/06 10:12am