Google now displays links which will take you directly to tickets on AXS, Ticketfly and Ticketmaster when you search for a band playing a specific venue. Which could save you seconds. » 1/16/15 7:07am 1/16/15 7:07am

The Best Streaming Music Services You Aren't Using (But Should)

Streaming music apps and discovery services are a dime a dozen, but even the best ones have a hard time competing with the names everyone already knows. Even so, getting out of your comfort zone a little bit and trying a new service will only reward you with tons of great new music. Here are a few services we love… » 7/31/14 11:31am 7/31/14 11:31am

Awesome kid snuck into 50 music festivals to make this super fun movie

Coachella. Glastonbury. Bonnaroo. The Grammys. You name the music festival, Marcus Haney has somehow snuck into it. He makes fake passes, pretends to be the press, jump fences and does anything he can to get in and has somehow made friends with famous bands and shot their album covers. Here's the movie trailer for his… » 7/24/14 10:43pm 7/24/14 10:43pm

Lightning Review: The $500 Rubber Band Gatling Gun

Landing a well-aimed rubber band—in the coffee, in the hair bun, in the ear—is one of the great pleasures of working in an office. So, how about about 100 of them? » 11/12/10 11:00am 11/12/10 11:00am

The Concert Speakers Are A Lie

My life was just flipped, turned upside down and I didn't even have to move to California. It just took one photo, a dozen instant messages, and a handful of emails to confirm that I've been lied to by musicians. » 9/22/10 2:30am 9/22/10 2:30am

The Wall and Other Great Pink Floyd Albums Removed From Digital Stores

Selling individual tracks online is not the only thing Pink Floyd has been raging against recently. The band has removed several albums from iTunes, Amazon et al due to EMI's contract expiring at the end of June. » 8/16/10 8:00am 8/16/10 8:00am

First Crop of Music Videos Filmed on iPhone 4 Sound In

A couple of music videos have appeared online, both claiming to be the first-ever music video filmed with an iPhone 4. The Anix may've got in there first, on Monday, but Flakjakt's is a much better watch (and listen). » 7/01/10 8:40am 7/01/10 8:40am

Music Video Uses iPhones Like It's 2007 All Over Again

Izabo is a kooky Israeli band, and while the music isn't to my taste I've got a lot of love for their music video. They use a bunch of iPhones to illustrate their lyrics, often in an almost stop-motion style. » 5/13/10 8:40am 5/13/10 8:40am

How To Defeat a Sliding Chain Lock With Only a Rubber Band

Sure, you can use various high-tech methods to sneak into places where you don't belong, but the MacGyver approaches are so much more fun. Here's how someone can defeat a sliding chain lock with just a rubber band. » 3/31/10 11:40pm 3/31/10 11:40pm

A Robotic Band With a Wiimote-Wielding Frontman

In what may be a precursor to the hippie/robot showdown we've always hoped for, musician Patrick Flanagan has founded Jazari, a three-piece robotic drum circle with some impressive grooves. If that's not fun enough, it's all controlled by two Wiimotes. » 2/20/10 10:00am 2/20/10 10:00am