How to Combine Multiple Internet Connections Into One Super Fast Pipe

You may not realize it, but you probably use multiple internet connections every day: your home network, your phone, and even hotspots and other devices. The downside: you can usually only use one at a time. Imagine if you could combine them all into one huge pipe that delivers faster downloads, smooth streaming,… »4/22/15 7:15pm4/22/15 7:15pm

Streaming Video Junkies Devour Over Half the Traffic on the Internet

Sandvine just released its twice yearly report on internet traffic, and it's a doozy. While it's no surprise to see mobile growing and Snapchat kicking ass, it's a little bit mind-bending to learn that binge-watching streaming addicts gobble up over half the traffic on the internet in North America. That's a lot of… »5/14/14 6:00pm5/14/14 6:00pm

Corkscrew Lasers Are About to Revolutionize Internet Bandwidth

We transmit almost a thousand petabytes of data over the ‘nets every month—an amount that’s growing exponentially, thanks to your narcissistic obsession with Snapchat. In fact, we’re quickly closing in on the limits of how much data optical fiber can transmit. Luckily, scientists at Boston University recently… »6/28/13 6:26pm6/28/13 6:26pm

Simple Router Software Could Boost Public Wi-Fi Throughput By 700 Percent

Using public Wi-Fi is a hit-and-miss endeavor: sometime's its perfect, at others it's bogged down so much as to be worthless. Fortunately a team of researchers has hit on a solution that can improve throughput by 700 percent—and because it's software-based, it won't even need any new hardware to have us all… »11/15/12 9:01am11/15/12 9:01am

The Pasta-Shaped Radio Waves That Promise Infinite Bandwidth

Try sending a text message at midnight on New Year's Eve, and you'll struggle: there's too much data and not enough bandwidth to cope with it. But now a team of researchers has developed twisted radio waves inspired by pasta, which could allow a "potentially infinite" number of channels to be broadcast simultaneously. »3/02/12 7:40am3/02/12 7:40am

How Bad Do We Really Have it? Bandwidth Caps Around the World

Remember the days when unlimited Internet connections were just that? Unlimited? I'm not talking about a generational gap here—it seems like but a few years ago, that $40, or $60, or $80 you shuffled away to your favorite Internet service provider each month got you true unlimited Internet. You could download Linux… »6/17/11 1:40pm6/17/11 1:40pm