How Bad Do We Really Have it? Bandwidth Caps Around the World

Remember the days when unlimited Internet connections were just that? Unlimited? I'm not talking about a generational gap here—it seems like but a few years ago, that $40, or $60, or $80 you shuffled away to your favorite Internet service provider each month got you true unlimited Internet. You could download Linux… » 6/17/11 1:40pm 6/17/11 1:40pm

Japanese ISP Institutes Upload Cap of 30GB… Per Day

While everyone is up in arms about US ISPs such as Comcast instituting bandwidth caps that'll keep you from downloading all the sweet, sweet data that you want, what about telcos in Japan? Well, they're going to start instituting caps as well. Oh, the horror? What is it, 25GB a month? 50GB? No, actually. NTT… » 6/25/08 3:17pm 6/25/08 3:17pm

All-You-Can-Eat Broadband Is Dead: Time Warner to Charge by the Byte

Reason number 149 I won't move to Texas: Time Warner confirmed it'll be testing a new pricing plan in Beaumont that's based on how much bandwidth you eat up. That's right, hard caps. Totally made-up example, since they haven't released details on the package tiers: Pay $50 a month for 500 gigs, and if you consume… » 1/17/08 12:00pm 1/17/08 12:00pm