How Bad Do We Really Have it? Bandwidth Caps Around the World

Remember the days when unlimited Internet connections were just that? Unlimited? I'm not talking about a generational gap here—it seems like but a few years ago, that $40, or $60, or $80 you shuffled away to your favorite Internet service provider each month got you true unlimited Internet. You could download Linux… »6/17/11 1:40pm6/17/11 1:40pm


All-You-Can-Eat Broadband Is Dead: Time Warner to Charge by the Byte

Reason number 149 I won't move to Texas: Time Warner confirmed it'll be testing a new pricing plan in Beaumont that's based on how much bandwidth you eat up. That's right, hard caps. Totally made-up example, since they haven't released details on the package tiers: Pay $50 a month for 500 gigs, and if you consume… »1/17/08 12:00pm1/17/08 12:00pm