Egg Toaster Concept Kills Four Birds With One Stone

If you really like eating eggs, but you really like making toast, the BangBang is the device you've always dreamed of: a toaster-style, four-egg steamer, suitable for streamlining your morning routine or rigging your neighborhood egg toss. Delicious efficiency. [Yanko] » 5/10/10 8:40pm 5/10/10 8:40pm

Video Demo of Cellphone Gun Shows How Effective It Could Be

Here's a video demonstration on how the infamous cellphone handgun works. Not the handgun cellphone, which although it's a lot better looking, it's not as terrifyingly functional. [Thanks tipster] » 12/24/08 11:59am 12/24/08 11:59am

The iPhone Development Gag Order Is Dead

After promising » 10/24/08 12:15pm 10/24/08 12:15pm they would axe the beyond-draconian NDA preventing developers from discussing the details of their own applications, Apple has followed through and released a revise that allows the devs to share, on Apple's or elsewhere. It accompanies beta 2 of the version 2.2 software, and also clears the way for…

Beat Blinds Make Window Coverings Both Musical and Annoying

With most of the Giz staff being apartment dwellers, we try to have as many dual function devices as possible, hence our love of gadgets. But we draw the line with Beat Blinds musical window covers. Surely there can't be anything more annoying than being woken up by someone banging out a xylophone rendition of "Wake… » 9/26/07 4:40pm 9/26/07 4:40pm

Level 3, a big time internet service provider, had large swaths of its network cut out on Sunday night by a cable that apparently had been shot at by a gun or a shotgun. That's totally not the way to deal with internet trolls. [PCWorld] » 8/21/07 4:40pm 8/21/07 4:40pm

Rifle Prop for Remote Turns You into Buffalo Wii-ll

The just released Wii-Blaster, a lock & load rifle prop, made me breathe a little faster wanting to play Call of Duty with it—until I remembered my Wii sensor bar was busted and I'd been too lazy to get a replacement. I think it's sexier than the Wii Zapper, but then I've always been a sucker for long-barreled weapons… » 7/23/07 5:54am 7/23/07 5:54am