Notes: Banhammers Locked and Loaded Or Whatever

The majority of the comments have been great on Giz lately, but there has also been a surge in bad ones. Maybe it's spring fever. Just wanted to give those of you on the fence the heads-up that all eds have been instructed to clean house a bit. Keep it on track, people, while I'm away in Brazil. We did a group of… » 5/20/08 7:35am 5/20/08 7:35am

Obama Would Make Chief Technology Officer a Cabinet-Level Position

In preparation for his visit to Google headquarters today, presidential candidate Barack Obama released a nine-page statement outlining his plan to improve technology (if elected). His first order of business would be to appoint a Chief Technology Officer, a new government official who makes sure Obama's ideas are put… » 11/14/07 4:15pm 11/14/07 4:15pm