What Are These Bizarre Anti-Banking Ads Doing in New York's Subways?

Bizarre ads for TransferWise, a P2P money-transfer system, have cropped up overnight in NYC's subways. I had many questions: who is this guy? Why his face? What is he selling me? Turns out the more you try to learn about TransferWise, the sketchier the whole thing becomes. » 3/20/15 3:25pm 3/20/15 3:25pm

Man, It's Still So Easy to Fool Facial Recognition Software 

Passwords suck, so why not replace them with facial recognition? Because facial recognition software still kind of sucks, too, as Dan Moren discovered in Popular Science after a little craft project easily fooled his bank app. » 3/18/15 5:15pm 3/18/15 5:15pm

Some Stock Broker Lost $75,000 To Hackers Over One Email

The SEC just revealed that the vast majority of brokerages and financial advisers have been hit with cyberattacks. The agency's report also reveals: "One adviser reported a loss in excess of $75,000 related to a fraudulent email, for which the client was made whole." LOL what? » 2/03/15 3:55pm 2/03/15 3:55pm

How to Ditch Your Big Terrible Bank

This Is How Apple Pay Will (Possibly) Work

LifeLock's Wallet App Will Nuke Your Data Due to Security Concerns

LifeLock announced in a blog post that the company's Wallet app for Android and iOS may not be fully compliant with PCI security standards. Because of this, LifeLock has pulled the app—and set it to automatically delete users' data the next time it's opened. Talk about a thorough cleaning. » 5/17/14 2:00pm 5/17/14 2:00pm

Simple, the Alternative to Big Banks, Was Just Acquired by a Big Bank

Everybody's favorite start up bank is no longer a startup. Simple has been acquired by BBVA, a massive multinational banking group with $820 billion in assets, for $117 million in cash. So say goodbye to your dream of future-forward, independent banking folks. Say goodbye. » 2/20/14 11:51am 2/20/14 11:51am

There's a "Deep Cold Storage" Vault for Bitcoin

Some enterprising minds and one of the world's biggest insurance markets is opening a pretty futuristic bank vault in London. But it's not futuristic for having fancy locks or laser trip wires. It's futuristic because of what's inside: Bitcoin. » 1/10/14 2:40pm 1/10/14 2:40pm

Google's New Wallet Card Brings It One Step Closer to Being a Bank

Over a year after rumors first surfaced, Google has finally unveiled the Google Wallet Card, a physical debit card that you can use to spend money from your Wallet account. The Mastercard-powered piece of plastic works just like a regular debit card and is available right now. » 11/20/13 2:45pm 11/20/13 2:45pm

Swipe Passwords for Online Banking Is a Genius Idea

Online banking on your smartphone is one of those wonderful services that lets you avoid overdrafts, or more importantly, awkward, "your credit card has been declined" moments. But entering an online banking password on an itty bitty keyboard problem is no fun. » 11/11/13 11:23am 11/11/13 11:23am

Best 404 Error Ever Makes Man Temporary Trillionaire

For a few brief, shining hours, one fated East Texas man become the world's very first trillionaire. And he owes it all to what may be the greatest 404 error to ever grace god's green Earth. » 10/04/13 10:47am 10/04/13 10:47am

Check Out These Totally Not Shocking Maps of Corporate Tax Avoidance

Ever heard of Goldman Sachs Structured Products Limited? How about GS Holdings L.L.C. II.? No? Both are nodes on a web of more than 4,000 holding companies, woven by the Goldman Sachs Group to evade taxes on its—let's see here—$8.61 billion in profits for Q2. It's an incredibly complex operation, and thanks to this… » 7/17/13 5:40pm 7/17/13 5:40pm

Simple Now Lets iPhone Users Save More Money With Goals

While nearly everything is moving over to a mobile experience, banking remains one of the last vestiges of the old world. But even that is slowly changing with the likes of Simple, a bank-less mobile service that mashes up the best bits of your existing bank and services like Mint. One of Simple's greatest features,… » 6/18/13 11:00am 6/18/13 11:00am

Your Voice Is Your Password with Barclay's Phone Verification System

The days of having to remember your childhood dog's mother's maiden name or what street your first high school mascot lived on could soon be a thing of the past. Barclay Wealth has recently introduced a verification system that uses biometrics, rather than random facts, to confirm your are who you say you are. » 5/09/13 6:40pm 5/09/13 6:40pm

One Day Your Credit Card Will Recognize Your Signature

A signature-based security approach is only effective if a cashier actually double checks what's scrawled across the back of a credit card. And even then, there's still plenty of opportunity for fraud since minimum wage clerks usually aren't capable of spotting a forged signature—but one day your credit card might be. » 3/08/13 10:45am 3/08/13 10:45am

Biometric ATM Reads Palms, Not Debit Cards

Want some cash in Gifu Prefecture, Japan? Come September, you'll be able to just press some flesh with one of Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank's biometric ATMs to access your accounts. » 4/11/12 10:00pm 4/11/12 10:00pm

Safe, Smart, and... Fun? The Surprising Science of ATMs

Using an automated teller machine is inherently risky. You stand there, your back turned, signaling to everyone around that you're about to have a wad of twenties in your pocket. If you're lucky, there's a security guard on duty. But usually it's just you and whoever is lurking in that little convex mirror. » 3/22/12 2:00pm 3/22/12 2:00pm

Anonymous Members Hacked During Their Own DDoS Attacks

Membership in the Anonymous hacker collective is not without its dangers—and I don't mean just the 25 Guys in custody. Turns out that someone slipped a Trojan into some popular Anon DDoS software and has been stealing bank info from anyone that runs it. » 3/02/12 8:00pm 3/02/12 8:00pm