Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With Other Failed Gadget Sellers

Now that Circuit City's closing up shop, perhaps we should take a minute to remember other failed gadget dealers from our country's storied history. Technologizer's compiled a bunch of old television ads from now defunct tech stores and they're a treasure trove of early 1990s cheesiness and the repetitive mantra,… »11/10/08 11:30pm11/10/08 11:30pm

Circuit City Goes Bankrupt, Files for Chapter 11 Protection

After closing 155 stores last week »11/10/08 9:02am11/10/08 9:02am, Circuit City has finally bitten the dust. The electronics store chain-with 721 stores in the US and 770 in Canada-has filed for Chapter 11 protection in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Richmond, Virginia, pressured by the recession and competition from Best Buy and Wal-Mart. However,…

Beamz Synthesizer Uses Lasers as Strings, Has Plenty of Cowbell (Literally)

In the future we'll probably play music with our minds, but for now the Beamz Laser Music System uses a series of six lasers which you can break with your hands to play instruments like guitars, violin and (YES!) even a cowbell. There are also 30 preloaded songs and musical genres that can play alongside your flapping… »3/30/08 8:00pm3/30/08 8:00pm