Congress Takes First Steps in Banning In-Flight Calling Permanently

Like a gaggle of schoolgirls, Congress traded stories about how they too were annoyed by people using their phones before and after takeoff on flights. Well, I never! One House member relayed the story of how his delicate sensibilities were stomped all over by some woman who talked about her sex life on the phone,… »8/01/08 12:30pm8/01/08 12:30pm

Student Catches Principal Fighting With Student on Cellphone Camera, School Responds By Banning Cellphones

Way to go, Caddo School Board. You've won yourself the Gizmodo luddite of the week award. See, when a student films the principal of your Huntington High School fighting another student, the correct response isn't to ban cellphones, it's to make sure principals don't fight with students. It was only after the student… »12/21/07 3:32pm12/21/07 3:32pm

Marathons Start Banning Music Players For 'Safety', 'Fairness'

Although it'll be about a year before we mold our bodies into any kind of humanoid-esque form capable of running a marathon, but the news that said races are banning headphones isn't inspiring us to train. Apparently USA Track & Field, the group in charge, thinks iPods and other music devices makes running too… »11/01/07 7:40pm11/01/07 7:40pm