Banpresto Skyrium Lamp Brings Northern Lights, Psychedelia to Your…

Banpresto's new Skyrium lamp might be just the ticket for those who like to enhance their trips to psychedelic dreamland with some whacky ambient lighting. Its diffusing lens and nine multicolored LEDs project ethereal cloud patterns onto walls and ceilings, with selectable themes to match your drug of choice mood.… » 2/28/08 9:05am 2/28/08 9:05am

Panoramic Mecha Simulator Arcade Game is Networked, Awesome

It may look like a decompression chamber, but Senjo No Kizuna is a networked arcade game in which you pilot a Mecha against other players. The game, developed by Banpresto, is, according to notre ami de Akihabara who gave it a spin, pretty damn good. Regular players can log their gaming history (scores, weapons, etc)… » 10/19/07 6:40am 10/19/07 6:40am