Railroad Crossing Sign: The Latest Alarm Clock For You to Toss Across a…

The latest wacky creation from Japanese manufacturer Banpresto » 10/24/08 5:10pm 10/24/08 5:10pm comes to us in a form that looks very much like a railroad crossing sign. Truth be told, it is actually an alarm clock that lights up and mimics the sound of a train approach warning when it's time to get up. Fortunately, the giant button on the base will…

Banpresto Skyrium Lamp Brings Northern Lights, Psychedelia to Your…

Banpresto's new Skyrium lamp might be just the ticket for those who like to enhance their trips to psychedelic dreamland with some whacky ambient lighting. Its diffusing lens and nine multicolored LEDs project ethereal cloud patterns onto walls and ceilings, with selectable themes to match your drug of choice mood.… » 2/28/08 9:05am 2/28/08 9:05am

Panoramic Mecha Simulator Arcade Game is Networked, Awesome

It may look like a decompression chamber, but Senjo No Kizuna is a networked arcade game in which you pilot a Mecha against other players. The game, developed by Banpresto, is, according to notre ami de Akihabara who gave it a spin, pretty damn good. Regular players can log their gaming history (scores, weapons, etc)… » 10/19/07 6:40am 10/19/07 6:40am

Banpresto Moon Projector: Bring Out the Wolf

Don't you hate it when the Big Dance is coming up, but the phase of the moon isn't right for you to surf on ice cream trucks and steal the show? Fret not, since Banpresto has a solution with their new Moon Projector. » 4/21/07 4:00pm 4/21/07 4:00pm

Aurora Palette—The Magical Curtain

Japan's Banpresto is selling several types of room and bath atmospheric light gadgets, including this one called the Aurora Palette. It is a relaxing, interior light, that projects an aurora borealis-like light on the ceiling or wall at home. Along with the colors, it also wavers as if it were a real aurora. It… » 12/29/05 10:43am 12/29/05 10:43am

Jellyfish Cocktail: Japanese Pet

For all of you who sit at your desks thinking, 'You know what this desk needs? Some goddamn jellyfish, that's what,' comes Japanese company Banpresto with some goddamn jellyfish thing. Banpresto's "Sea Cocktail" (great name for a product which you should under no circumstances drink) takes the form of a 11.7-inch… » 11/03/05 3:30pm 11/03/05 3:30pm