Sharing Cuss-Filled Videos on Xbox One Can Get Your Account Suspended

Everyone who's played so much as a 15 minutes of Candy Crush knows that, aside from mechanics, graphics, and all that other good stuff—swearing is a crucial part of playing games. Swear too much at your Xbox One in gameplay footage though, and your account can get suspended if you upload it. » 11/25/13 8:06pm 11/25/13 8:06pm

The House of Representatives Blocks Spotify Because It's Scared of P2P…

Ain't nobody in the US House of Representatives gonna be listening to no Spotify at work. Why? The House's IT overlords don't see fit. Not because Spotify is distracting and there's real work that needs to be done or anything, no. It's because Spotify has P2P guts and P2P is baaaaaaad, apparently. Yeah, even the RIAA » 2/02/13 2:00pm 2/02/13 2:00pm

Student Catches Principal Fighting With Student on Cellphone Camera,…

Way to go, Caddo School Board. You've won yourself the Gizmodo luddite of the week award. See, when a student films the principal of your Huntington High School fighting another student, the correct response isn't to ban cellphones, it's to make sure principals don't fight with students. It was only after the student… » 12/21/07 3:32pm 12/21/07 3:32pm

Kansas Town Proposes Complete Ban of Cellphones While Driving

Kansas may seem like the pit stain of the country, but one town is proposing a complete ban on cellphones while driving. This ordinance is more hardcore than any of the other conversational driving laws throughout the states. Most of the conversational driving laws require the use of hands-free devices while driving… » 6/02/06 1:44pm 6/02/06 1:44pm