Obama's New Chief Technology Officer Is an Ex-Threadless T-Shirt Dude

Described as having a "hipster look" with hair that swivels between a mohawk and a "flipped-up front like Jim Carrey's in Ace Ventura," 33-year-old Harper Reed is the ex-CTO of t-shirt company Threadless, and will "make sure technology is a successful force multiplier within the [2012] campaign." Great hair. [Chicago… »6/02/11 5:50am6/02/11 5:50am


Diebold Sued for GPL Violations, Allegations of Puppy Kicking to Come

Artifex, makers of the Linux Ghostscript Postscript interpreter, is suing Diebold »11/08/08 9:00am11/08/08 9:00am for breaking the fair use terms of its software. Diebold used the freely-available software, which is fine, but when they authored some changes to Ghostscript Postscript, they neglected to follow the very reasonable rules such use…

Microsoft Surface Predicts the Election with McCain and Obama Bobbleheads

MSNBC had an impromptu demonstration of its new Microsoft Surface table this morning, and gave political analyst Chuck Todd a chance to play with his dollies. At first, the goateed Todd moved states around, zooming, coloring and highlighting with his finger. Though he didn't really have a full handle on all the… »9/08/08 5:40pm9/08/08 5:40pm

Democratic Convention Protestors Will Be Blasted With Ray Guns and Sticky Goo

If you're unhappy that Hillary Clinton lost the nomination to Barack Obama, you better think twice before showing your displeasure at next month's Democratic National Convention. According to CNN, the city of Denver is purchasing tons of high-tech weapons to use on unruly DNC protesters, which may include goo-guns… »7/07/08 1:17pm7/07/08 1:17pm