This insane wall of fire has to be the awesomest way to cook meat

Sure, a charcoal grill or a barbecue pit can roast some delicious meat but if you want to up the insane level, I'm not sure anything can top this: a wall of fire made from 30 steel drums welded together. It's like barbecuing with dragon fire or a volcano or a never ending bomb explosion. And it looks awesome. » 10/09/14 9:01pm 10/09/14 9:01pm

The Deliciously Complex Science That Makes Barbecue So Tasty

Here in the U.S., it's the last day of a three-day weekend that's synonymous with barbecue. Anyone can try his or her hand at barbecuing; hell, all you need is meat, a grill, and some open sky to sully with fragrant food-smoke. But there's some mouth-wateringly complex science involved in that process, as the folks at » 7/06/14 3:00pm 7/06/14 3:00pm

You can actually barbecue a steak using this cook book's pages

Brazilians are the masters of churrasco—their national style of barbecue—and they sure aim to prove it with this beautiful book/ad. The Bible of Barbecue is not a self-help manual but is actually full of pages you can physically use to prepare the perfect meal. One page becomes an apron, one is salt-coated for… » 5/07/14 8:23pm 5/07/14 8:23pm

This Is Definitely the Classiest Portable Barbecue You'll Ever See

Outdoor cookouts can get a little grubby, a little dirty, a little messy—that's part of their charm, for some folks. If, however, you are searching for the classiest damn DIY al fresco dining experience of all time, look no further than this impossibly tidy Mon Oncle barbecue set. It actually comes in a briefcase. » 3/11/14 5:00pm 3/11/14 5:00pm

The Easy*, Cheap* Way to Build a Kick-Ass BBQ Pit in Your Backyard

After one of the wettest, blizardiest winters in recent memory, it's high time for some spring grilling. But why spend thousands on a gas grill that can't even cook a whole hog when you can create your own wood-fired pig pit for under $300? » 3/04/13 2:00pm 3/04/13 2:00pm

The Quickest Way to Fire Up Your Barbecue This Summer

You've got your grill. You've got your meat. But you're missing one integral ingredient: fire. Rather than messing around with tons of messy newspapers or smelly lighter fluid, consider trying Weber's Rapidfire Chimney Starter. » 5/15/12 6:40pm 5/15/12 6:40pm

Cardboard Box Coolers Are Perfect for Any Summer Barbecue

These cardboard coolers are a must for any summer event: smart, green, recyclable and can fit 35 lbs worth of beer and goodies. It's like a cross between the heavy duty plastic coolers and the disposable styrofoam ones...but better. » 7/26/11 11:20am 7/26/11 11:20am

Keep Your BBQ Enemies Close, But Your Beer-Grenades Even Closer

The closest thing to war many of you will face will be the family disputes over how to cook those burgers. Arm yourself against enemy fire with an apron fully-loaded with three grenades, for $45. [Tactical Grilling via Werd] » 7/12/11 5:00am 7/12/11 5:00am

BBQ Tools Are a More Valuable Item to Carry In a Briefcase Than Secret…

Little did you know that our Inception hero was actually just a BBQ fetishist. 20 stainless steel utensils should do the job at your next barbie, and if not, well, there's always that spinning-top you carry around. [UncommonGoods via Werd] » 6/15/11 11:20am 6/15/11 11:20am

Clean Barbecues With a Steaming Stainless Steel Brush

As a pescetarian, I refuse to clean the barbecue grills of their meat-soaked char-marks. I would probably consider using this Grand Grill Daddy though, as it'd keep my hands animal-free and wouldn't look too shabby hanging by the barbie, either. » 5/11/11 8:20am 5/11/11 8:20am

Cook Those Lumps of Meat On Bright Icecream Cone-Shaped BBQs

How to stand out from the crowd on those long summer days, now that every man and his dog is donning a novelty apron? Bodum's Fyrkat Cone charcoal grills are not only brightly-hued, but have a particularly special shape so it can fit a rotating spit in as well. On sale now, they cost around $200. [Bodum via Uncrate] » 4/04/11 6:20am 4/04/11 6:20am

Portable Grill Satchel Ensures You've Got Plenty of Hands Left for…

My small Weber is already pretty portable, but there's no way I could just sling it over my shoulder and trot off in search of a grassy patch. If you're willing to spend $150 on portable grilling, Fuego has come up trumps with its canvas handle model, which weighs 15lbs and has 160sq-inches of grilling surface. Plus a… » 3/09/11 6:40am 3/09/11 6:40am

It's Not Too Late to Grab Some Gear for Labor Day!

It's Labor Day weekend-three days of family obligations and hectic travel! How do you make it bearable? Pick up some new gear, of course. Here are a couple of recent products you could use to enhance your weekend. » 9/04/10 12:00pm 9/04/10 12:00pm

Wall-Mounted Barbecue Pops Down When The Weather's Right

Like a bed that pops out of the wall, Focus Fireplace's wall-mounted barbecue swings down when the time is right—when your stomach is growling for action. » 5/17/10 5:27am 5/17/10 5:27am

The 8-Bit Barbecue

Being a secret Susan Kare fanboy, I like this 8-bit barbecue. But I want my steaks to be 64-bits, thank you very much. And if I'm eating with the rest of the Giz gluttons, it has to be multi-core. » 10/27/09 5:00pm 10/27/09 5:00pm

BabyQ Barbecue Lets You Grill On The Go

For those whose living spaces that are too small for a barbecue pit, or for those who never know when they'll need a barbecue on hand, the BabyQ is a small, portable grill-to-go. This 22x17x6cm device—which is small enough to fit into your girlfriend's purse—weighs in at a little under two pounds, can feed about two… » 11/17/08 9:04pm 11/17/08 9:04pm

10 Awesome Grills You Can Buy For The Ultimate Memorial Day BBQ

The Memorial Day weekend is finally here. For many of us, that means it is time to travel and or bust out the grill and cook up some meat. However, with gas prices being the way they are, you may be passing on the road trip this year. So, now that you are free to focus on throwing the ultimate BBQ this weekend, you… » 5/23/08 12:00pm 5/23/08 12:00pm

Every Pig's Worst Nightmare: A Barbecue Shaped Like a Pig

Pork is essentially synonymous with barbecue in my area of the South, so the Lil' Pig barbecue from Traeger makes sense in a creepy meta-way if you can get past the doe-eyed cuteness. The grill boasts 418 sq. inches of cooking surface, an internal hopper, a stainless steel door handle and a multi-position digital… » 5/18/07 1:40pm 5/18/07 1:40pm

Woodflame Delecto Grill: Gas and Charcoal-Free

Do your grilling this Memorial Day weekend in a way that's fast, clean and green, too. Put one small, tightly-packed cube of recycled wood inside the Woodflame Delecto Grill's oxygen-filled combustion chamber, and it's ready to start cooking in less than two minutes. When you're done, all that's left is a pinch of… » 5/26/06 2:33pm 5/26/06 2:33pm

Weenie Roaster

After posting a picture like this, what else can we say? This hot dog roaster has an oak handle and is available in a variety of life-like colors. It can be conveniently hung by its rope strap, too. Get this ballsy gag gift on eBay for $14.99. » 5/19/06 12:38pm 5/19/06 12:38pm