This Jet Engine Is Actually a Grill That Automatically Rotates Your Food

It only makes sense that a barbecue that looks like a jet engine fallen off a plane is called the Jet Grill, but—and some of you might be disappointed in this—it doesn't cook your meats via some high-powered afterburner. The design and functionality is still clever, though, as it harnesses rising heat to keep your… » 10/07/14 5:00pm 10/07/14 5:00pm

Is This a BBQ or a Worm Hole Generator?

Inspiration can strike at any time, and presumably the creator of this unique BBQ happened to be watching Contact while trying to come up with a new design. How else can you explain its concentric ring design that looks like some kind of worm hole generator or time machine? » 7/07/14 10:20am 7/07/14 10:20am

Every Guest Can Be Their Own Grillmaster With this Tabletop BBQ

The general rule of thumb is that whoever's throwing the barbecue gets to be the grillmaster—but that's not always a coveted title. Picky eaters and those who prefer their steaks burnt to a crisp take the fun out of it, so the folks at Unikia have created a communal tabletop grill that makes everyone responsible for… » 7/04/14 8:00pm 7/04/14 8:00pm

An Intelligent Indoor Grill That Knows Well-Done From Rare

The end of summer usually means the end of grilling and scorched steaks for dinner. But T-fal has come up with a solution to both those problems. Its new OptiGrill can not only be used indoors, all year round, it's also smart enough to let you know when a steak is perfectly done—whether rare, medium, or charred. » 8/29/13 1:20pm 8/29/13 1:20pm

Just Light This Cardboard Cube For a Perfect Bed of Hot Coals

The perfectly grilled steak starts with a perfect bed of coals. And instead of drenching your charcoal briquettes in lighter fluid to ensure they light, this simple cardboard Grill Cube promises a piping hot BBQ in about ten minutes. » 4/17/12 6:40pm 4/17/12 6:40pm

Compact Cube Grill Rolls to Wherever Carnivores Congregate

Thanks to a set of four large rubber wheels and an extremely compact design, the Cuebe grill can be easily rolled to wherever grilled meat is on the menu. It's a portable kitchen devoted to steak and burgers, but with an added healthy twist. » 4/17/12 11:00am 4/17/12 11:00am

En Garde—Fencing-Inspired BBQ Tools Shield You From the Heat

Though they were barely needed this year, it's time to pack away the shovels, scrapers, and other implements of Winter and break out the tools of Summer. Including this set of grilling gear that protects your knuckles from burns. » 4/07/12 1:00pm 4/07/12 1:00pm

Keep Your BBQ Enemies Close, But Your Beer-Grenades Even Closer

The closest thing to war many of you will face will be the family disputes over how to cook those burgers. Arm yourself against enemy fire with an apron fully-loaded with three grenades, for $45. [Tactical Grilling via Werd] » 7/12/11 5:00am 7/12/11 5:00am

BBQ Tools Are a More Valuable Item to Carry In a Briefcase Than Secret…

Little did you know that our Inception hero was actually just a BBQ fetishist. 20 stainless steel utensils should do the job at your next barbie, and if not, well, there's always that spinning-top you carry around. [UncommonGoods via Werd] » 6/15/11 11:20am 6/15/11 11:20am

Clean Barbecues With a Steaming Stainless Steel Brush

As a pescetarian, I refuse to clean the barbecue grills of their meat-soaked char-marks. I would probably consider using this Grand Grill Daddy though, as it'd keep my hands animal-free and wouldn't look too shabby hanging by the barbie, either. » 5/11/11 8:20am 5/11/11 8:20am

Cook Those Lumps of Meat On Bright Icecream Cone-Shaped BBQs

How to stand out from the crowd on those long summer days, now that every man and his dog is donning a novelty apron? Bodum's Fyrkat Cone charcoal grills are not only brightly-hued, but have a particularly special shape so it can fit a rotating spit in as well. On sale now, they cost around $200. [Bodum via Uncrate] » 4/04/11 6:20am 4/04/11 6:20am

Portable Grill Satchel Ensures You've Got Plenty of Hands Left for…

My small Weber is already pretty portable, but there's no way I could just sling it over my shoulder and trot off in search of a grassy patch. If you're willing to spend $150 on portable grilling, Fuego has come up trumps with its canvas handle model, which weighs 15lbs and has 160sq-inches of grilling surface. Plus a… » 3/09/11 6:40am 3/09/11 6:40am

Wall-Mounted Barbecue Pops Down When The Weather's Right

Like a bed that pops out of the wall, Focus Fireplace's wall-mounted barbecue swings down when the time is right—when your stomach is growling for action. » 5/17/10 5:27am 5/17/10 5:27am