Best Buy Will Match Amazon's Prices This Holiday Season

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Best Buy plans to match the price of internet retailers like Amazon over the holidays this year, as well as offering free home delivery when stores are out of stock. » 10/12/12 3:55am 10/12/12 3:55am

Heads Up: There's a Woot! Off Going On Right Now!

If you're up late and craving cheap tech, get your ass over to Woot while the orange lights are still spinning. Instead of one deal per day, new items are up for grabs every few minutes. Mash that refresh! [Woot!] » 9/23/09 2:53am 9/23/09 2:53am

American Express My WishList Holiday Super Deals Get December 1st Launch

My WishList is, if you remember from last year » 11/18/08 5:30am 11/18/08 5:30am, American Express's holiday e-shop deals promotion, and we've just learned it'll be launching December 1st this year. Basically American Express has this "holiday e-tail" site where they sell gadgets at crazily bargainous prices, in a kind of "get one if you're lucky…

Woot is Wooting Off Again Today

You might not get as amazing a deal as the Olevia TVs » 9/23/08 5:27am 9/23/08 5:27am from the other day, but since Woot is having another Woot off today you'll see other bargain gadgets: a glow in the dark jumbo universal remote for $5 is tempting me currently. []

Apple Outlet Rings in Low-priced Macs, iPods

Broke Apple fanboys take note. Apple's newly launched Outlet has some pretty sweet deals worth checking out. Sure, they're all refurbished, but you still get a warranty and besides, would you turn down a $1,300 MacBook Pro or a $129 4GB iPod nano? It's worth checking out if you're low on cash. » 6/01/07 12:22pm 6/01/07 12:22pm

Deal on Seagate Barracuda 300GB SATA Drives

Always on the lookout for you, dear readers, we point you toward, where there's a sale on Seagate Barracuda 300GB SATA drives running at 7200RPM. Normally these drives cost between $125 and $130 at their lowest (and we've seen a few at $145 or $150), but this deal has them at $100. Good price, and no rebate… » 4/07/06 9:42am 4/07/06 9:42am