These Abstracted Views of Barges Might Give You Vertigo

Barges and other huge and slow watercraft are common yet mysterious objects . What are they carrying? Who dwells on on their decks? In his photo series, titled "Floating Aspect", Hungarian photographer and freelance photojournalist Gyula Sopronyi answers these questions in an elegant way, showing us abstract and… »9/12/14 1:21pm9/12/14 1:21pm

This Barge Fleet Keeps the Mighty Mississippi in Check and on Course

For as much as we rely on the Mississippi River for trade, transportation, and agricultural irrigation, the world's third-largest tributary system has only recently been tamed. One multiple occasions, the mighty Mississippi has overflown its banks, flooding into the surrounding valley, destroying property and lives. »10/25/13 11:31am10/25/13 11:31am