Why the Barometer Is Android's New Trump Card

Samsung's Galaxy Nexus is the most high-profile device to date to feature a barometer amongst its guts. Seems strange that a atmospheric pressure measurement would be crammed in a device where space is supremely valuable, right? Except it's actually wonderful. » 10/19/11 12:40pm 10/19/11 12:40pm

WoodStation Defiles Mother Nature Just to Tell You the Time

The WoodStation isn't your standard LED clock/weather station. It's your standard LED clock/weather station that's made of wood. Through a seamless block of lumber design, the inert WoodStation is motion activated to display glowing information pseudo-magically. In reality, a series of LEDs are hidden beneath a thin… » 10/08/08 5:00pm 10/08/08 5:00pm